The most beautiful wedding

Booking with Mythos weddings was the best decision we made about our wedding after deciding to have it abroad. We got engaged in Dec 2019, before the word pandemic became part of our everyday language, but we knew early on we wanted to get married in Kefalonia. We had visited the island before and knew how special it was. So, after a quick search on google, we found Carol! And oh boy were we glad to find Carol. Even after our first email, she was as responsive as the last. We had a few exchanges and then we were pencilled in for May 2021, but that soon changed as lockdown hit. We kept in contact with Carol through the summer of 2020 and in September we managed to get across to the island and spent a week looking at venues and remembering how much we loved it, so decided to go for it! Booking a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, what could go wrong? And the answer? Not a lot when Carol’s in charge.

Let’s start with the planning. Even with the threat of the pandemic and travel restrictions hanging over us that could change everything and anything last minute, it was honestly the most stress-free experience imaginable. My husband and I were really relaxed about our actual wedding day (maybe too relaxed haha) and let Carol guide us through everything. She had it all meticulously planned out, from the food (we’re vegetarians and wanted loads of veggie options) to drinks (having so many options for drinks packages to choose from) to having the day planned perfectly. She had a plan b and even a plan c ready at a moment’s notice if restrictions were to come in and change things last minute.

Once we agreed on how we wanted the day to go, then came the decorations. Unlike a lot of brides, I didn’t have my wedding day planned out with a specific colour scheme, what decorations I wanted or really anything. I just wanted it to look beautiful. Enter Athina. She really has the eye for all things creative. Everything she suggested, we loved. The colours, the flowers, the arrangements, the table decorations. Everything was so beautiful and there was no way I could have come up with what she delivered. Everyone loved the venue and how all the decorations complimented it so perfectly. Trust me when I say to trust them. This team is honestly worth it.

On to THE day. I didn’t know this until after the wedding, but one of our guests told us it rained the morning of our wedding. Whilst I was getting ready at the hotel down by the coast, up in the hills where the venue was had a brief rain shower whilst they were setting up. Which meant EVERYTHING needed to be taken away until the rain stopped and laid back out again. The bride none the wiser, relaxing with champagne. I arrived with everything where it should be. This is everything you want in a wedding planner and more. I had no idea they set everything up twice before I arrived. The ceremony was perfect, the venue looked like a dream and everyone had the best time. I had so many compliments on the food, a lot of people saying it was the best food they’d ever eaten at a wedding. Demi was so attentive, making sure our glasses were never empty and everyone got their food as quickly as possible.

It was honestly the best day and the most stress-free experience ever. If you’re looking to have your wedding abroad and Kefalonia is on your list, put it to the top and hire the Mythos weddings team. You won’t regret it. Lots of love – Sarah and Ben x