Earthy, boho mansion elegance in a vineyard

Nested in the countryside of Lixouri, a vineyard like no other features a mansion taken straight out of a fairy tale. The Haritatos estate was the perfect setting for a wedding meant to leave guests and vendors alike in awe with unique styling, detailing and romance.

Simone – our gorgeous, Brazilian bride – and Nik, the British groom, were a match made in heaven and their little girl, Maya, was a reflection of their profound love.

It was only natural then that they decided to exchange their vows in an intimate, sweet ceremony, witnessed by their closest friends and family.

What was prevalent in that ceremony was the style: Earthy, boho, unique. The smooth tones of beige were complimented by splashes of purple , dusty pink, yellow and pink. Colors selected carefully by the couple and the Mythos Team, meant to compliment the venue and the mood they wished to create.

Everywhere the eye went, the detailing was unbelievable, starting from the bride herself. In her unique lace dress, with her statement jewelry and her large flower hairpiece, she looked as if she just stepped out of a magazine editorial.

Then it was the exquisite bouquet. True to the boho style, it was large and loose. King Protea, blue thistle, purple amaranthus, craspedia, ginerium, all in a fiesta of colors and textures creating the perfect picture from Benetatos flowers.

The moment she turned up in the ceremony, everyone was stunned. She walked between the rows of hay bales, serving as seating for her guests, and reached Nik, standing under their triangular arch. This work of art followed the general decorative line, featuring pampas for volume and texture. Two large pots on either side with large arrangements framed this picture perfectly for Adrian Wood to immortalize with his amazing talent.

A boho fairy tale was being written, if only there was a way to convey the sound of laughter, the children, the dogs and all the smells in paper.

After the ceremony, this festive crowd moved under the shade of a century old elm tree to take photos, freshen up with some homemade lemonade and enjoy some amazing canapés by Mythos +Estiasis.  Needless to say, the bar, the tables, the seating followed the styling of the day, made by hay bales and palette woods. A feast for all the senses!

When everyone moved to the reception area, they were in for quite a treat. The medieval Haritatos mansion stood proud and stunning in the background with the vegetation complimenting every single detail set there.

The guests were greeted by a stunning vintage seating plan, calligraphy on old window panes. That’s what we are talking about. And then, little corners everywhere: The unique photo booth with the carved frames, the vintage guest book table with the stylish accents, the green shutters with candid photos of the couple


The tables were a treat on their own, under the twinkling string lights above. Long tables with wooden chairs created this family style feeling where everyone felt included. As for the décor? All of our accent flowers in little bottles, here and there.

Congratulations Nik & Simone!