Why Kefalonia

Why Kefalonia

Kefalonia, an isle of myths where dreams come true.

The ideal place for your destination wedding.

The most iconic place for a wedding in Greece.

Diversity is prevalent in our own heaven on earth. Kefalonia is the place where you will find both stunningly green forests and desert-like clay hills. Both high mountains and vast beaches. That is how we know that we can find just the right location for your Kefalonia wedding.

It is not only the landscapes that are diverse on this amazing place. It is what it offers as well. Looking for romance, intimate and quiet moments with your significant other? Maybe out for adventures and adrenaline-filled experiences? Or is it nightlife fun you are after? Kefalonia has something for everyone. Kefalonia will not let anyone down!

Same thing applies to your Kefalonia Wedding. There is something for everyone here! A beach wedding with a relaxed atmosphere, sand and sun? A cliff top wedding with stunning views and a boho feeling? A villa wedding with comfort and luxury for your guests to enjoy? A Greek tavern with Kefalonian delicacies, Zorba dancing and plate smashing? Share your destination wedding dream and watch it turn into reality!

Our island is full of amazing spots that will make your Kefalonia wedding unique. Ever thought of what an underground lake wedding would be like? Simply stunning! Or perhaps a winery wedding, among rows and rows of gorgeous vines? In this blessed place every corner can be turned into a unique Kefalonia wedding spot! The olive grove you saw on an excursion, the little beach you noticed while driving by. The beautiful ruins you took a tour at. Beauty is everywhere around us here and all you need is imagination. Or not even that! Share your vision and let us find the Kefalonia wedding spot for you and your loved ones.

Just picture this: A unique chapel with breathtaking views, prettily decorated for your Kefalonia Wedding. Amazing views and happy faces. Either in a quaint village in the most picturesque spot or on a hilltop with nature at its fines around you. A chapel wedding is always a good idea. Pretty, unique, Kefalonian, perhaps the reason why you are having a Greece Wedding.

A Kefalonia Wedding is not your typical Greece wedding. It is an extraordinary destination wedding choice. It is a statement of style. It is an experience on its own. It is something to be remembered forever.

Your Kefalonia Wedding does not need to last just one day. Make a holiday out of it, filled with experiences for you and your guests! From intimate dinners just for two by the beach to boat trips to unique beaches or an Ionian island hopping for your guests! Have an adventure, enjoy every moment of it. Sip in every single sight, sound, taste! Live your Kefalonia Wedding dream!

Allow us to show you around! To do some research and find your Kefalonia Wedding spot. To design your Kefalonia wedding experience. To make your destination wedding fit your styles, your needs, your personalities. To make your Greece wedding like no other!

Our philosophy

The concept of hospitality is rooted deep within us Greeks. The literal translation of the word philoxenia (hospitality) is love for strangers. It was taught by “Xenios” Zeus and for us it is not  something we need to learn. It is natural. Another strong Greek concept is pride. And pride   is what we feel, here at Mythos, by honoring the sense of hospitality. With us you will feel respected, honored and we will do our best for you to feel exactly as you should: at home