Our Team

Our Team Of Professionals

Carol Kalligas

Leading wedding planner - Head of Mythos Weddings

SHORT BIO: Born in the USA by Greek parents she was raised in Kefalonia and then studied philosophy for 13 years. Boredom and isolation made her quit and pursue a new career in weddings. She has been with Mythos Weddings since the very beginning, for more than 10 years, learning, gathering experience and building a successful company along the way! HOBBIES: Singing mostly in the bath but sometimes in a band, drawing and reading. HOW WE DESCRIBE HER: Sassy – Efficient - Organized WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: She will always make you feel safe.

Athina Evaggelatou

Wedding planner - Head of Decoration department

SHORT BIO: Born in DR Congo, she was fortunate enough to grow up trilingual. It was natural that she then became a translator. The world of words was not enough for this people-person, though. She moved to Santorini where she fell in love with the world of planning. Nothing could keep her away from her favorite Kefalonia though, so she gathered her experience and started working for Mythos Weddings, where she fit right in! HOW WE DESCRIBE HER: Cheerful – Good under pressure- Great sense of style WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: She will always keep your spirit high.

Dimitra Valerianou

Wedding planner - Head of Financial department

SHORT BIO: Born and raised in Athens, she could not wait until she moved to our gorgeous paradise. She studied Βusiness Αdministration and has been putting her knowledge in good use for the past 10 years in Mythos Weddings. She helped the company grow and she grew with it, starting off as a young girl, this former party animal is now the proud mom of a baby boy. HOBBIES: Volleyball, long strolls with her son, dancing HOW WE DESRIBE HER: Calm force, Patient, Multitasking, WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: She will always keep you calm

Vasilis Fragiskatos

Co- founder & Owner of Mythos Weddings

SHORT BIO: Born and raised in Kefalonia, his favorite place on earth. After studying Business and Administration in Athens, he came back to apply what he had learnt in a business of his own. He actually founded Mythos Wedding, through Mythos Group and has been building it restlessly ever since. Proud husband and father of a baby boy, he never seizes to amaze us with his hard work and immense patience. HOW WE DESCRIBE HIM: Creative- Hard working- Resilient- Quiet WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: You will not be in touch with him as he is low profile but half of the logistics are dealt by him! Silent force