Luxury Villa Wedding

A villa is an ideal wedding venue if you really like comfort, luxury and full privacy. The island has plenty of villas, very different in their style.

One can find beautiful mansions in the middle of quaint villages

Another might prefer a villa with an elevated view to the beach

For some a villa wedding is all about elegance and comfort.

Others love them when they are nested in the lush foliage of the mountainside

There are modern villas

but also others that are old enough to be considered as small museums.

Rock –dressed villas with earthy brushstrokes and traditional features.

Imposing mansions with beautiful gardens

Whatever the style, a villa will offer privacy, peace, serenity and absolute comfort. Your villa will be transformed the day before the wedding into a wedding venue. You will hardly recognize it!

If the size of the villa allows it, we can organize both the ceremony and the reception to take place at your villa’s premises.

If you prefer a different ceremony venue we can arrange it to take place on the beach or at a pretty chapel in close proximity to your villa. And here is an idea for the adventurous ones!