Natalie & Luke

When you wish for Greek history to be a part of your wedding, you chose relevant venues. Venues that carry the lives & deeds, the wishes & hopes, the fear & love felt for centuries.

Plakoula is a 16th century chapel and it is nested in one of the most beautiful areas of Kefalonia, in Assos village. The couple honored the chapel’s white color and the Greek olive by choosing them as the main¬† color theme of their wedding. Two flower stands, a decorated tree, bouquets on the beautiful white chairs and that was it!

Villa Aria 1878 is, as its name implies, a 19th century villa. The old rocks inside the villa and the breathtaking view of the ancient Greek sea will leave everyone in awe. The wedding just takes an objective meaning deriving from the Greek history, adding to the private and personal event.

What a meaningful and stunning combination!

Thank you Natalie and Luke!




Wedding, Historical Chapel and Villa Reception