St George’s Rustic Wedding Venue!

The ultimate rustic-chic wedding spot! This stunning place represents the rural life of the island with a note of elegance.

Such peace, tucked away among the cypress trees, making you invisible, enclosing you and your loved ones in a natural shelter.

This spot is so serene that by St. George’s chapel you can hear the cheery sounds of the goat bells from the herds that live around!

Picture kermes oaks decorated and the bride walking down the aisle under the sound of the chapel’s bells. Intimate, romantic, private, ICONIC.

This venue is cleverly leveled. The upper level is one and it is the ideal spot for a TOP table!

Just beneath this level is the gorgeous dinner area, surrounded by twinkle lights wrapped around the tall cypress trees and the romantic festoon lights overlooking the dinner tables. What a majestic spot!

The lowest level is the biggest: The chapel is situated in the middle of this big area separating it in two areas. This offers two different scenarios for the wedding ceremony: The more rustic one, located behind the gorgeous chapel, at the far end of the venue

Or the cemented area, in front of the chapel and the imposing cypress tree which one will find immediately after entering the venue


The dancing floor is at a lower level, the dinner tables a bit higher and the top table overlooking everything! That creates a necessary bit of drama to the picture.

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