Sunset-inspired Chapel Wedding

Sarah and Ben: A couple like no other. These amazing people were meant to be one of our favorite pairs. The love they had for one another, their easy-going nature and most importantly… their impeccable sense of style made it clear from the get-go that this wedding was going to be simply stunning!

The Saint George venue is a unique spot with a character of its own. Paved with stone, filled with tall cypress trees and with a deep burgundy chapel right in the middle of it, it sets the mood for a whimsical, rustic-chic event. For this wedding, we dared to leave our safe zone of white, blush and green and went for the sweetest sight of them all: The sunset! With a palette ranging from yellow to deep crimson, all the colors were meant to remind the guests of the most special time of the day. And oh, did it fit the venue perfectly!

For the ceremony, gold and copper were an absolute must to tie it all together. A different, metallic arch with arrangements in our colors stood gorgeous, while the entire venue and decor was tied together by a boho-looking rug at the spot where they exchanged their vows.

Ben and his groomsmen were wise in their choice of sand color for the suits, as the gorgeous orange buttonholes made them stand out in the best way.

The bridesmaids absolutely did not play it safe. It is so hard to combine floral dresses when you have such prominent and unique bouquets. But these yellow sundresses made it all work in the most genius way!

And as for Sarah… Well with a traditional, beautiful dress and a simple bun looked simply radiant. Her bouquet with the colorful ribbons was like no other. The images here speak a thousand words and the guests were absolutely stunned by her.

After their magical exchange of vows, it was time for the guests to enjoy the rest of this incredible venue, while our couple was away for photos. The ice cream cart refreshed everyone as they could take a look at all the amazing details and leave a wish at the guest book.

Let us tell you, this spot was a dream in itself. Copper and gold details once again brought everything together, with oversized lanterns and a very detailed mirror/seating plan completing the look!

Once the couple arrived, their joyous entrance under the sound of cheerful bells was culminated but the cake cutting! The cake… a little stylish miracle of its own. A semi-naked two-tiered dream decorated with an oversized chrysanthemum and other blooms, in the sunset colors of course! And with a backdrop like the burgundy chapel… that moment was hard to top!

Now, let’s talk about the reception: Among tall cypress trees, decorated with fairy lights, the rustic monastery tables did not need much to stand out. Here simplicity was key. An olive garland brought a weddingy feel, singular flowers in our color palette brought the sunset to the table (literally) and golden details in the cutlery, tiffany chairs and candlesticks brought all of it together. Simply magical!

The Saint George Venue has an amazing elevated kiosk, ideal for the bridal table. It gives this special feel to the couple and their closest ones. And when decorated right, it is the photographer’s dream. In this case, Arrangements in the sunset colors of the wedding and fairy lights around the wooden, naked tables absolutely did the trick!

Dinner was amazing, the drinks were flowing, the speeches brought tears to everyone’s eyes and Sarah and Ben were celebrated just as they should. With love and joy, dancing the night away after the most amazing Kefalonia wedding!

All the best, Sarah & Ben, from your Mythos Team!