A pandemic, a hurricane and a rainy forecast: Wedding Crisis Management at its finest

Sarah & Cam are a match made in heaven! Lovely, smiley people with a great attitude and a deep love for one another. When they met Carol and the Mythos Team, something clicked and a great collaboration started leading to a Dreamy Wedding

The wedding planning was going smoothly, with the bride and groom to be making their decisions, while guided by the lovely Carol. Everything seemed to be perfectly normal and ordinary. Well, you know what happened next.

The news of the global COVID-19 pandemic hit us all hard. It has been tough for everyone, in every profession, at any age. On our perspective, though, it was even harder for our couples.

A wedding is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Something we dream of since a very young age. A celebration of love, a new beginning. And what this terrible virus did, was put everything in a halt and bring uncertainty and fear to the table.

Sarah & Cam though did not lose their smile. They kept their positive attitude, they put their trust in our Mythos Team and went straight forward with high spirits and optimism.

The Big Day was fast approaching and things were crazy. The government restrictions and rules kept changing every day on matters like the allowed guest number, the allowed number of guests per table, everything.

Carol was on top of everything though, keeping the couple and all the vendors updated, having new ideas, applying solutions to everything! On the day, it was not even a matter. Everyone was well taken care of, all guidelines were followed and couple and guests alike were safe and happy! One little issue down… two to go!

Now, Kefalonia is a sunny, warm island. Like all of the Greek islands it enjoys long, hot summers with little to no rain! Of course, the first ever Medicane (a Mediterranean hurricane, that is) would hit just one week before the wedding! And it hit hard. 

Being blessed to live in the most fantastic weather, we were not prepared for something like that. The result? Torn down trees, an entire village flooded, venues demolished, no electricity or internet in most places. Overall, a nightmare. Just think that the legal wedding was supposed to take place in the Agia Efimia town hall… that was now underwater! So with swift moves it was transferred to the Sami town hall instead on the day after their hilltop wedding.

However, the Mythos Team with Carol leading everything, would not let this couple alone. While the couple and the guests were changing hotels and plans on their end, the team was up and running, clearing up their venues, picking up fallen trees, making everything magical again.

Sarah’s dad with his reaction made it all worth it. Chocked up he thanked Carol and said that it looked like nothing ever happened at the gorgeous Agrilia hilltop, where the ceremony took place.

Did you think that was it? Bad things come in threes, don’t they say?While all pandemic matters were taken care of and while the hurricane aftermath was being cleaned up… We took a look at the weather forecast! Well, a rainy day was no surprise at this point, was it?

By now, it is evident that the Mythos Team and Carol especially specialize in crisis management. In no time two alternative scenarios were set, involving two different venues, while all the partners and vendors were informed and ready.

That was what our amazing couple needed. The reassurance that everything was going to be ok, that their wedding was indeed happening and that they had a team of professionals to lean on.

Carol gave them all the data and took a step back. It was now time for them to take a calm look over everything and make a decision. The result? The most amazing wedding ever!

It may seem like we are bragging over the Mythos Team and the crisis management and control, but praise is due and Carol deserves it.

One thing we have yet to talk about it the team members: There is four. Carol leading, Vasilis is the logistic expert, Dimitra is the calm force while Athina creates. In all this havoc… both Dimitra and Athina were on maternity leave, taking care of the brand new Mythos mascots at home. That left the other two (Carol mostly) to take care of everything alone. And she did wonderfully!

Praise is also due for the couple: Through it all they remained calm, collected, optimistic. They could recognize what was important: Their families, their love and their safety.

They knew when to take a step back and when to trust their planner. And they truly believed Carol’s motto: “Nothing really bad happens to positive people”. Repeating it after each call, it became their mantra. They felt it, they trusted it and everything turned out more that fine. It turned out fantastic!

There is a Greek saying: “Every obstacle leads to something good” . In this case, it turned out true, because after everything, this wedding was pure magic!

The ceremony was whimsical and stunning, the reception flowed perfectly, while the (social distanced) party was perfect! On top of everything, the guests and the couple enjoyed their time both on the Big Day and on their vacation.

They had each other, they had love, they had planners who truly had their backs. That is what really counts on your Dream Day. That is what made it so special.

The couple gave us one of the greatest rewards: a review that brought tears to our eyes. This is what makes it all worth it.

What is left for us is a feeling that we can tackle anything, we can handle anything and we are stronger than we thought! Nothing, no matter how difficult it seems, can bring us down and we will always be there for our couples.

When booking a new wedding, we make a commitment to do our best for this day to be the most special day in your lives.

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