Wedding Transportation: Make Your Big Day Travel Stylish

Our stunning Kefalonia is one big island! Going from your accommodation to your ceremony venue, to your reception and then safely back home can be quite a stressful thing to arrange. Same thing goes for your guests! You need everyone to be relaxed, to be able to have a drink and not being stressed or late. Your Mythos Team has you covered on this as well. Based on your location, your guest number and your preferences, we have a number of options that we are happy to arrange for you!

Arranging transportation for your guests is one more way to show them you value them and want them to be comfortable. It is also a way to ensure that the event runs smoothly with no hiccups or delays! Trust us to arrange the best vehicle to fit your own event based on your venue location and your guest number and accommodation.

Be it a large 50-seater coach, luxury mini buses or even boats, our professional drivers and state of the art vehicles will make sure everyone is transported like royalty! Pre-arranged pick up locations and a detailed schedule are a must here, to make sure everything runs smoothly. Your guests are guaranteed to thank you for that!

The Bride needs to feel special in every way on her Big Day! Hence, arriving in style is an absolute must! There are numerous stylish cars that we can source for you in order to fit your aesthetic and personality, from vintage limousines to funky beetles and from flashy race cars to a classic Mercedes sedan. Share your arrival vision with us and be prepared to wow everyone.

Feeling adventurous or romantic? A horse might be the option for you! Arriving on horseback will make you feel like a modern-day Amazon princess while a horse-drawn carriage is just the thing to make you feel like Cinderella! And if you wish to be even more unique and enter with a bang, how about a helicopter? That will make jaws drop in no time!

Finally, if you are tying the knot on the seaside, a speedboat will not only stun everyone but also give you a rush of adrenaline and relax you before you say your “I dos”!

And let’s not forget about the groom! Most couples opt-out of arranging unique transportation for him, but arriving on a stunning vehicle along with his best man can be one of the best moments of the day for him as well! What is your dream car? Let us know and we will make sure you get it!

Finally, keep in mind that any option you select will make for an amazing prop for your private photo shoot and contribute to some amazing memory-making process! Your wedding day option is more than a means of transportation.

It is a style statement!