Beach Wedding Joy

It is a no brainer for the beach wedding lovers: It’s a beach or no wedding at all! Thankfully, Kefalonia is a wordly heaven surrounded by gorgeous beaches that leave you in awe!

Kefalonia’s beaches are gems. We are proud to say that some are even internationally awarded!

Α destination wedding in lush greenery and striking blues. What a unique experience!

White-textured small pebbles.

Surrounded by towering white cliffs

What about a rustic hideaway, with exquisite unspoiled beauty and velvet-textured sand?

However beautiful, not all beaches are suitable to accommodate a wedding ceremony. We strongly advise you to let your planner guide you on this one!

As far as dinner and party is concerned, a variety of venues and  styles can be suggested depending on the location, be it a villa, a tavern or an olive grove. In rare occasions, you might be able to eat with your toes in the sand.