“Our emotional romantic Greek wedding”

I am Bulgarian and my Husband is Hungarian. It has been a long time wish of mine to visit Kefalonia and explore the stunning beauty of the island. When we got engaged, I knew I want us to get married on an island and Kefalonia immediately came to my mind (I did not want the typical exotic beach wedding experience, but rather be close to the dramatic cliffs of the Kefalonia bays).
I Googled Wedding in Kefalonia and realized that there are few wedding planners. So, started sending some e-mails, but was going very slow. It was mid of April, covid restrictions were still in place. But once I wrote to Mythos I got a prompt response from Athina. And the first e-mail was enough for me to know that the wedding project is not doomed and Mythos and Athina will be our wedding gurus. Athina – so welcoming, friendly and mostly she was the only one who really understood immediately what I have in mind as a wedding concept. Athina quickly set our first Skype call. I was so relieved after the talk. It was so smooth, comforting and giving me full confidence we will have the ceremony exactly as we imagine it! With Mythos, it is all possible and at a reasonable price. It was very transparent and open discussion about our budget and priorities. Athina already new what we need, it is amazing how she quickly structured the frame and also the details of the event. It was important that Athina clearly grasped the concept of what we want as experience and after that all details were easily adjusted. We wanted a symbolic ceremony, only the two of us. Hence, we wanted the wedding spot and the concept of the photos to be be outstanding, memorable and romantic. I imagined us exchange vows being high above a bay, with a view toward the dramatic Kefalonia cliffs. Athina was so supportive and responsive to all my enquiries and crazy suggestions. She explored and evaluated different wild spots on the island, sending me pictures, evaluating pros and cons. She put so much emotion in the process of picking the perfect spot for our ceremony. At the end, we found the perfect spot with view over the Petani bay cliffs. What I noticed from the very beginning is the well structured e-mails and very easy to follow, smooth communication. Athina understood me precisely, as if she was reading my mind and my feelings. The emotion of the day was so special. And when you do not have your family and friends, the Mythos team actually created a friendly atmosphere for us, living through the emotion of the day with us!! Athina and the whole team was around us, very cheerful and calm and it went so smooth. We could feel the full emotion of our wedding without any distraction. Athina was like a magic fluid that just smooths and arranges everything around us 🙂