“Meeting The Dream Team…”

Mythos Weddings: Meeting the Dream Team

 We are originally from Kefalonia but we have been living and working in the city of Patras, Greece for many years. Hence, any trustworthy connections with the necessary professionals for the planning of our wedding on our beloved island was non-existent.

That was a great inhibitory factor for us. In fact, this led our initial thoughts of our wedding away from the island we love so much.

With that in mind, we started taking a look at the available wedding planners on the island, before we made up our minds on the matter. We need to confess that at first we did not feel we could trust any of them and they all seemed a little bland, until we visited Mythos Weddings and we met the dream team. Iro (Carol in English) had already won us over through the phone. Thinking back to it, as we write these lines, we feel amazed! That led to our first meeting. Once we met Iro (Carol), Vassilis, Athina and the Mythos Chef, it was finally clear to us: our wedding would take place in Kefalonia.

Their eyes were so calm and their word so confident, that the word professionalism does not do justice to what they made us feel. Their thinking process and their realization method to anything we asked was something completely new to us. These people did not only undertake our wedding. They LIVED our wedding.

Carol, we saw you cry on the day, just admit it!!!

Vasilis, when we asked you on our first meeting what you think the greatest advantage of your team is, you replied in the outmost simplicity: crisis management. You were absolutely right!!!

We started having our Skype meetings with Iro (Carol) and while the information volume we had to handle was quite large, she made everything seem ever so simple. She got our psychology from the very first Skype Call and knew exactly how to “steer” us properly on the one hand, and how to help us not get lost in the details on the other. There was a constant flow, with no back-and-forths, on every topic: the menu, the decoration, the music, and finally on the schedule plan.

It only took one trip to the island during the entire wedding planning process and that was not because of Iro (Carol). It was for Metropolis matters since the wedding took place in an Orthodox Church.

Ten days prior to our wedding, the state kept announcing modifications on the measures against the Covid-19 and the adaptability of the dream team was exceptional.

Vasilis and Iro (Carol), while they needed to protect the company, never left us feeling alone or uncovered. On the contrary, they proved in action that Mythos Weddings knows how to handle high-risk crisis management!!!

Our wedding started at 6:00 pm and the entire event (as any typical Greek wedding) lasted until 4:30 in the following morning. The timeline Iro (Carol) presented us with was kept to the dot. Iro (Carol) managed to coordinate 100 people with no delays whatsoever, while Vasilis overlooked everything.

We entered the church and the decoration exceeded our expectations. We got such an amazing feeling in the church that there are no words to describe it. After the ceremony, while we stayed behind for a photoshoot with our amazing professional and stress-free photographer, Panagiotis, Iro (Carol) led every guest to the perfectly configured and exceptionally beautiful Mythos venue. There, under some smooth jazz music and while the sunset gave a unique tone to the ambiance, our guests enjoyed a relaxing welcome drink and started turning into a big and cheery group of friends.

Once we arrived there, Gregory the conductor, and his band started uplifting us with his sweet tunes and there was not a single boring moment until the early morning hours our party ended. Gregory, you deserve sincere congratulations!!!

Dinner ensued, where the Chef and his team worked their magic. All of our guests, even now, two months past our wedding, call us to compliment the delicious dishes we were served. Chef, you won everyone’s heart and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for that!!!

At around 1:30 am, our DJ, Thomas, took over. Carol, you recommended a DJ for our party, as we requested, but you never mentioned that this man is a true entertainer that should be having a career abroad, as all our guests said. Thomas, your good energy kept us on our feet the entire night. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the way you entertained us that night!!!

Mythos Weddings, truly, the phrase “Dream-Team” suits you perfectly. You were all amazing and we would like to thank you with all of our heart for everything you did for us. You truly respected that that day was for us Our Day.

Once we got back to our hotel, we were feeling so wonderful that I told Anastasia: my real life began today.


Mythos Weddings, Congratulations!!!


With sincere and deep appreciation,

Your new friends,

Gerasimos and Anastasia