Orthodox wedding

The Greek Orthodox Event

An Orthodox Event in Kefalonia is a truly mesmerizing thing. Our blessed island has 365 churches, one for each day of the year, each stunning in its own way.

Stunning views, incredible architectural elements and unique locations will leave all guests in awe and bring this feeling of wonder to yours or your baby’s Big Day.

The Orthodox ceremonies is full of profound symbolism and meaning. Every step of has its own significance, making the entire process a unique experience.

As for the reception following the Greek Orthodox Event, there is a great variety of venues you can pick from!

It can be a villa

A chapel’s premises

An Olive Grove or a Vineyard

The Mythos Center

A modern restaurant by the beach

Or a Beach Bar

Check a few ideas here:

Anastasia & Sotiris’ Villa Reception

Sam & Rosa’s Villa Reception

Alcestis & Kostas’ Villa Reception

Marilina & Mat’s Olive grove reception

Anastasia & Gerasimus’ Mythos Center reception

Olga & Angelos Beach bar Reception