How to select style and flavor for your wedding cake

The date is selected, your venue is booked, you have your minds set on your wedding thing and style! Time to tackle the most important elements of your Big Day! The cake cutting moment is right at the top, along with your first dance. It is a moment with deep meaning. It signifies your first common task as husband and wife and a sweet start for your shared life together.
That means that your cake selection cannot be taken lightly! It needs to showcase who you are, your style. And it needs to make people happy. And do not forget, the photos of your cake will be with you forever!
So, let’s take a look on a few tips on wedding cake selection:

The flavor


Consider your desserts
It is very important to have your served dessert in mind when selecting your wedding cake flavor! For example, if your guests are having chocolate soufflé, do not go for a chocolate cake. By rule, if your dessert is heavy, go for something lighter and fruity, or the other way around. So, choosing a flavor that’s different to your dessert is the way to go, as doubling up on flavors is a little boring for guests and yourselves as well!

Wedding cake flavor combinations
If you’re choosing two flavors, make them different. For example, a richer flavor like chocolate and a softer, lighter flavor like Strawberry and white chocolate swirl would be perfect! That way, there is something that all guests can enjoy!

Consider the season
Also, consider the season you’re getting married in. It gets quite hot in Kefalonia in the summer. Heavy flavors would make everyone uncomfortable. You want something cool and fresh that your guests will be able to finish. That means you should go light and/or fruity like white chocolate or lemon and poppy seed!

Consider your location
Greece in general and Kefalonia in particular are famous for their cuisine. Same thing goes for the amazing traditional dessert options. There are amazing, delicious options here! For example, have you tried the Kefalonian Almond Cake? Increadible. And how about our traditional candy, mandoles? And if you do not want to go too original, you can always incorporate a little bit of Kefalonia in your otherwise “normal” cake. For example, a nice victorian vanilla cake with lemon filling, and some mandoles as decor and added flavor?

The style

It is important for the cake to express who you are and what your style is. It is also important for it to go well with the overall theme of the wedding. The number of tiers, the icing, the topper, the colors, the flower decorations. Everything plays an important role in the overall look! But do not let anything stop you! In every single style there are a million ways to go!

For example, if your style is traditional, you can go for either butter cream or sugar paste or whipped cream. It can have fresh flowers or an olive branch. It can be tall, or just one tier. It can either have cupcakes. Just share your dream with your planner!

An amazing Kefalonia Wedding style is the boho one. If you are going for something like that, at a lovely outdoor space and a more relaxed overall theme, then the cake for you is naked or semi-naked with colors and flavors and fruit and flowers!

Or maybe you are mordern. There are no limits here! Metallic tones, different shapes, unique colors. Just say what you want, combine it with your favorite flavor and let your pastry chef work pure magic.

One thing is for sure. This special moment will definitely be a sweet one!