Dramatic Kefalonian Wedding Proposal

This proposal had it all: The strong element of surprise, the most dramatic location, a prevalent sense of style and immense love! When Nimlan reached out to plan his wedding proposal to his beloved Priya, we saw straight ahead that the man had a vision and a great one!

The selection of the spot was key as he dreamt of something breathtaking and dramatic, with unique views and absolute privacy. Platia Ammos, the westernmost point of Kefalonia, with its incredible sunset was the spot for them.

As for the styling, Nimlan recruited Priya’s friends and family in creating something fitting for his beloved. After we stalked her Instagram for days the design was ready: a metallic, gold, circular arch covered in pampas grass and pink roses looked like a fairy tale against the Ionian blue. For the bouquet, Nimlan wished to combine the traditional red roses with the contemporary feel of the rest of the decor and Bosonis delivered! 

A half-and-half bouquet was the stuff of dreams! Then, a low table covered in burgundy velvet surrounded by white cushions was just the spot for them to relax and cuddle. As for a personal touch, Nimlan gathered over 150 pictures of the duo for us to put against a wall and display all of their favorite moments. Pure magic!


Then it was time to plan the big surprise! Nimlan had told Priya that he was not going to be able to take time off work for them to go on holiday. Hence her dad and siblings took her on a Kefalonia vacation instead… to buy a vineyard! Priya was sad that Nimlan was left behind in London and arrived on the Island! Little did she know her man was already there, hiding in the other side of the island!

But how were we going to get Priya all dolled up and in that Land Rover? Well, the idea here was genius. You see, Priya is an Instagramer with a very large following. She had just hit 30K followers! Her sister convinced her that they were going for a nice dinner to celebrate and that they were also going to have a photoshoot there to post on her account! Funny story: The dress she wore on the day, she was saving it for when she suspected Nimlan was going to pop the question! Her amazing sister convinced her to put it on though!

Of course, she said yes!

Then it was time for the celebration, with some food, champagne, good music and a photoshoot.

What we have to say is that while we see couples in love every day… This one truly moved us. Nimlan’d effort to make everything perfect for her and Priya’s pure joy when she got there… That’s what they call couple goals!

Congratulations, Nimlan and Priya! You will always hold a special spot in our hearts!