Beach wedding

Beach Weddings: Get married with sand between your toes!

Kefalonia is our own heaven on earth. It is an island of unique locations and breathtaking scenery. And what does this unique place have in abundance? Beaches! From pebbly coves with turquoise waters to long stretches of white sand and from there to the most unique red sand and grey cay hills. One thing is for sure: There is one to fit your own style.

All it takes is for you to have a relaxed, easy spirit, good mood and love for one another.

After that, it is easy! Take a look at some important tips for you to consider before you start planning your Kefalonia Beach wedding!


While it may seem like getting married on the beach will be a figurative breeze, always trust and listen to your Mythos wedding planner. Whether you need a permit for a specific area, or you need someone to handle hordes of sunbathers plopped down where your altar will be, it’s good to have a pro on hand to help with these sticky situations.

Our team specializes in beach weddings, since we have the know-how you need to pull of this type of shindig.

Location, Location, Location

Choose a location based on your wedding style, guest list and requirements. For example, go for a more remote spot if you wish to dance the night away on the sand or for a more un-reachable spot if you are not very keen on prying eyes or sunbathers on the day. Your Mythos planner will make the most appropriate suggestions based on your wishes!

Time of Day

Afternoon heat can be brutal in many seaside spots of Kefalonia. But even if you’re okay standing there glistening, think of your guests. High temperatures are not for everyone, especially older folks and young kids. To avoid the heat (and crowds), consider a ceremony a bit later in the day. Can’t schedule your ceremony late? Go ahead and have it in the early afternoon, but find a shady spot on the beach that’s likely to catch a cool breeze. Or if that is not possible, hire tents for the day! They cost a bit extra but your guests will surely thank you! Check what the weather will be like, and inform guests so they can dress accordingly.

What to Wear

Typically, beach brides don’t opt for a ball gown because they might be too cumbersome and look overly fussy for their Kefalonia beach wedding. Seaside weddings call for a gown made of lightweight fabric. Anything else and you’ll be weighed down and hot. Also, remember: It could be windy. A long veil and long hair could get blown into your face. An updo could be a good choice to keep your locks tame.

Grooms and groomsmen often sport linen suits, but if it’s really hot, guys can forgo the jacket and wear a loose shirt and pants. For the bridesmaids, light, airy fabrics are key; for comfort, try cotton, crepe or linen. We think nothing says “beach wedding” like a simple sarong or sundress blowing in the breeze.

Ceremony Smarts

If you’ve chosen a relatively unknown section of beach, make sure you offer transportation for all guests. That way you can avoid people being lost or late for your ceremony. Your Mythos planner will help you with that, ensuring the spot’s accessibility as well. In other notes, place a welcome table at the entrance to your ceremony site. It can contain:

  • Items to make guests more comfortable, such as sunscreen, bug spray, parasols or cozy beach blankets.
  • Refreshments, such as homemade lemonade or ice water, to stay hydrated.
  • A basket to deposit shoes, so they can go barefoot in the sand.

And most importantly: Try to relax and stay hydrated yourself. You don’t want to start wilting during the ceremony, do you?

Décor Elements

  • A fun part of planning a Kefalonia beach wedding is choosing décor elements that complement your seaside setting. Seashells, starfish, nautical ropes, anchors, lanterns, sea glass and driftwood are all pretty and on-theme touches. A few things to consider
  • Ceremony: If the Ionian Sea is your ceremony backdrop, there’s no need to get too fussy with the décor. A simple arch can do the trick, either bamboo or seawood, triangular, square or round, make it express your love! The chairs play a role here as well, setting the tone! Look for suggestions from your planner!
  • Reception: If the tables are outside, consider the wind. Tablecloths and other lighter items, like place cards, should be weighted so they don’t blow around. Again, go simple! The background itself is your decoration. Key here is the lighting. You are going to need it for a beach reception. Perhaps some whimsical string lights will do the trick?


Beautiful blooms add bursts of color to any space, including any Kefalonia beach. Consult with your planners to find the most ideal blossoms for your celebration! And if you ask us, seasonal is always better!
Direct sunlight and heat are no-gos for many blossoms, and you’ll want flowers that last. Those that wilt easily, like freesia, poppies and bouvardia, aren’t good choices. If that sounds too much for you, just give us a color choice and leave it on your Mythos team and our amazing florist partner!

Or opt for non-floral décor. For beach-themed centerpieces, for example, have large conch shells or colorful beach pails. Maybe even some driftwood for a more rustic look!

Food & Drink

A beach wedding in Kefalonia is an experience on its own and your menu must reflect that. Incorporate food and customs of the island. Go for the amazing summer foods we offer, such as stuffed veggies or baked eggplants with feta cheese. Offer your guests delicacies like the Kefalonian meat pie! Make the most out of the amazing Mediterranean location you have selected.

Cocktails can be made with local flavors as well. Some Soumada or Mavrodafni wine for anyone? Again, offer the best products of the island in your guests glasses and enjoy every sip! If you think that is a bit much, combine it with international, summery flavors, such as Margaritas or Mojitos! One thing we insist on, though: Your wine must be local. We are proud wine producers here and we make it simply amazing!

One last tip:

Don’t feel compelled to organize the day on a drill sergeant’s time schedule. It is your day and you are on a beach. Your loved ones are on the island and enjoying the heavenly ambiance. Relax, take a big breath and enjoy every single second of it!