Nicole & Alex

Nicole & Alex’s Jewis – Greek wedding was a combination of contradictory elements. Katavothres club-restaurant is stylish, luxurius, spacious. It also is an everyday witness of the best sunset on the Kefalonia island and it’s most loyal friend is a historical watermill just in front of the venue. For Nicole & Alex, the venue worked as a neutral canvas for their boho intentions. The fusion colors just popped out fantastically! The Jewis huppah had the traditional fabric and two flower arrangements to match the chairs’ flowers. The Greek bouganvilla was the protagonist here! The furniture had to be bright and neutral to let the flowers come out! At the dinner area, a combination of round and long tables were dressed in light grey which added a dramatic atmosphere to balance out the very happy yellows and vivid pinks. The goal here was to keep them simple, with minimal decoration, while the flowers and chandaliers were hanging from the venue’s ceiling, giving the impression that they were flying! An evil’s eye on the napkin for good luck and a small flower just to add the minimum amount of color on the tables.

Spectacular event!





Wedding, luxurious and by the sea