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Helen & Jay

Unique, different, colorful, full of laughter, dancing and love! Helen & Jay are two people very different on the outside yet same in the inside, bonded with a deep love for each other. With them the saying “A couple who laughs together, stays together” applies! The celebrations began with a traditional Mendhi party at the stunning Emelisse Hotel. The bride had her hands and feet decorated with the traditional henna designs, a custom with deep significance in the Hindu culture. The fusion wedding took place at the northern part of Kefalonia, on the spectacular St Jerusalem beach followed by a wonderful reception at the transformed Odysseas Tavern. Their private photo shoot was simply heavenly. The alleys of Fiscardo and the colorful, traditional houses served as the most romantic set for their love story to be captured. The sight of them was so good that they were even featured in the local press! Amazing food, cake cutting and then a big party. The night closed in the most spectacular way. A jaw-dropping firework show to signify the beginning of their new life together.

It’s Helen and Jay we are talking about.

They had to go with a bang!





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