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Joanna & Kristian

A Chapel Wedding Filled with Colors and Joy

When this amazing couple decided to take their wedding from Sweden to Kefalonia, their sense of style led them to select two incredible venues!

First, the Assos Chapel was the ideal choice for their ceremony. Quaint, picturesque, and lovely, it matched their taste perfectly. They decided that wildflowers, vibrant colors and they love were the elements needed to wow their guests. Well, the stunning Assos view helped as well.

Joanna looked amazing in her fitted, lace dress holding her loose bouquet of wildflowers, accompanies by her lovely bridesmaids and their matching posies.

The ceremony was simply memorable. Words of love and songs of joy under a greenery oval arch made sure that no eye was left dry!

And then, a beach-taverna party that had it all! The long, family-style tables under the large fig tree at Odysseas tavern brought everyone closer and broke the ice before an amazing dance party




Wedding, Assos at its finest for a lovely couple