Carol & Aggelos

A Unique Orthodox Wedding

Carol and Aggelos are an amazing couple Mythos loves dearly, as the bride is our leading wedding planner. And being one, she knew exactly what she wanted. Let us say, her style was on point!

This loving duo selected an Orthodox church that means a lot to Carol’s family. A stunning wildflower garland was simply perfect to make it all reflect themselves.

Our beautiful bride arrived accompanied by her loved ones with lots of song and tears and she looked simply radiant. A simple white dress elevated by stylish details like her colorful head crown and a flower bracelet cascading her arm. Her bouquet, a loose assortment of wildflowers reflected her personal style perfectly.

And then, the garden of her childhood home hosted a dinner out of a dream. A long, family-style table was taken to a new level with an overhead garland of greenery and wildflowers, while on the white linen, small vases with all kinds of wildflowers made everything stand out!

The floral element was prevalent in her cake as well, which looked amazing with the design of edible, dried flowers!

Carol, you never seize to amaze us!




Orthodox and Stylish