Molly & Ben

What can one say about Molly & Ben’s White Rocks Hotel Wedding?

Stylish and elegant, created by a white/ gold color palette and a splash of cuteness added by some baby’s breath (our bride’s favourite flower). Aside decorations, the breathtaking sea-views and the jaw-dropping sunset, as well as the  natural beauty of Kefalonia, this group of people just had this incredible vibe: Everyone was genuinly happy for our Molly & Ben, and they didn’t neglect to spread their poitivity all over the venue!


Molly was a stunning bride and Ben was a real gentleman (with a couple of great moves!). Her preparation at the Infinity Pool along with her besties was memorable, the impressive bridal walk, the beautiful trees surrounding the whole area, the hotel’s very elegant design, and above all, its lovely owners and staff, added to this day’s vibe! As you can understand, we had a really happy couple. And you know what they say about happy people: There’s nothing that can go really wrong, even at a destination wedding, when you’re in that state of mind!


The wedding venue was stunning as always. White Rocks Hotel is for the Mythos Wedding team one of our most precious collaborators both for their superb services and their great mentality! Clean, classy, with breathtaking views. It ticks all the boxes. It definitely did for Molly and Ben.

Congratulations Molly & Ben!

We hope you have a great life together!





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