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Effie & Jordan

A rustic, whimsical Kefalonia wedding in the woods.

“Me and my partner visited Kefalonia last May and had the privelage to meet Carol. From the moment we met her, we completely and utterly fell in love with her! She took us to 1 ceremony and 1 venue location. It was all we needed. She got exactly what we wanted just from emails and hit our expectations, above and beyond. The following 15 months were a piece of cake. Other people I knew who were getting married, whether in England or abroad, were stressed, worried, had anxiety…..just not at all what I wanted! I am a laid back person anyway, I don’t rhink I had any bridezilla moment, but it was close to impossible to get stressed with the Mythos tribe and Carol. Whether it was via email, Skype, text or Pinterest, all my wants and requests were heard and put into action. Even when she had other weddings, she was responsive and always had time for me. Carol was always honest and would say if she wouldn’t email back as soon as normal due to other weddings etc. This didn’t bother me at all! I knew this meant when it was my wedding, all her attention would be on me. On the day of my wedding I was so calm. People couldn’t believe how calm I actually was! But what did I have to worry about? I had complete and utter trust in everything. Everything went flawlessly. The photographer, the guest pick ups, the videographer…it was so stress free. When I arrived at my ceremony, there she was as she said she would be! And wow!! I’m not being biased but no ceremony has ever looked as beautiful. All my guests said they had never seen anything like it! The venue was even better. All or dreams were exceeded. It looked like something g out of a bridal magazine. The food was incredible too, several guests had 6 trips! I can not recommend Mythos enough. Part of me wants to not recommend them because I’m so jealous of anyone who gets to have their wedding with them. I wish I could do it every year!!”

When you mix a half-Greek, half-British bride with her planner soul mate, wedding planning magic happens! And when we are talking about a Kefalonia wedding… oh my!

A stunning hilltop with breathtaking views does not need much. A sea wood arch with simple, white flowers by Benetatos, bamboo chairs and the most loving couple make a ceremony unforgettable. This destination wedding was a fairy tale.

Jordan looked handsome in his grey suit. The lego buttonholes have something to say about the man’s mentality, don’t they? But no matter how happy and laid back one is, the sight of Effie walking down the aisle would leave them breathless.

Simple, elegant, stunning. A unique dress, boho yet fitted and elegant, simple make up, loose hair.  This bride stepped right out of the Greek mythology, just ideal for a Greece wedding.

A photo shoot at Agrilia is simply iconic, the old bell tower, the gorgeous olive trees, the view. Where else would you want your love immortalized? And who else would you choose over Nikiforos to capture these moments for you?

Then the reception. Rustic, whimsical, fairy-tailish. Among the tall cypress trees, decorated with fairy lights, the round tables with the golden tiffany chairs needed nothing more than a few white flowers to look stunning. Kefalonia weddings at their finest!

The top table was simply out of this world. Rustic, combining gold with white and greenery. Not even the images can do it justice. Pure elegance.

Our favorite detail? The Harry Potter loving duo included the most touching line of the book in their deco. “-After all this time?-Always.”

Favorite moment? When Effie sang happy birthday on the mic to Carol, her planner!

Of course, no Kefalonia wedding is complete without a few tears. Effie’s dad could not make it to the wedding. So, the best mad had a surprise for her. The most moving, sweet recorded message played and not an eye was left dry.

And then everyone let loose! An amazing, loud party followed with dancing, singing and of course plate smashing! Cocktails, good music and the best of moods on a stunning Kefalonia location!

All the best, Effie & Jordan! Thank you for letting us plan such an amazing Kefalonia wedding for you!




Rustic and whimsical in the woods