Charlotte & Jonathan

When the amazing Charlotte & Jonathan decided to tie the knot, their vision was clear: They wanted a small, intimate ceremony with sand between their toes and the turquoise Ionian water as a background.
The White Rocks Beach was an easy choice: A stunning stretch of white sand, under imposing rocks and with breathtaking, crystal clear waters. When the guests arrived after a small boat ride, they knew they were in for a treat.
This site did not need much. Just a simple, wooden arch decorated with white draping and two arrangements in the wedding colors of white, peach and green was enough.
And when Charlotte arrived on her speedboat, looking like a Greek Goddess, everyone was stunned.
Their ceremony was just as it should be: Sweet, intimate and full of joy. And we sure loved every moment of it.
Congratulations, Charlotte and Jonathan!




Wedding, A Greece Beach Wedding like no other