Hire a wedding planner and make it Carol

There is only one piece of wedding advice I give newly engaged friends: hire a wedding planner and make it Carol! Our wedding still seems like a magical dream, we can’t quite believe it happened and happened so beautifully. Though the word ‘happened’ doesn’t nearly do justice to the incredibly work and thought that Carol and her team put into making our wedding the best day of our lives (the cliches are true), surpassing even the highest bar we had set for it. Deciding to get married abroad means a leap of faith. It isn’t the easiest option – you often don’t know the land, the language or the local suppliers and their prices. There is also the extra pressure of throwing a bloody good party if people are flying from miles away to be there. But with Carol, it felt like the easiest option from the moment we hired her. She really listened and got our vibe very quickly, despite some specific requests for our non-traditional wedding she always delivered and nothing was too much trouble, she was always quick and helpful in answering our many emails and having just one point of contact for all the different local suppliers made planning our wedding almost completely stress-free and seamless – especially with how ‘relaxed’ most Greeks are about organising anything! Nothing was too much trouble for her – so much so that when a storm was forecast to hit during our (completely outdoor) wedding day, she *moved the entire wedding forward a day*. And the day was absolutely flawless – everything was how it should have been, better than we imagined in fact, and everyone said you could never have guessed the wedding was a day early. I think that tells you everything you need to know about Carol. Our guests all commented about how relaxed a bride I was during the whole process – even the wedding day – and while I am naturally calm in a storm (literally, it turns out!) this was largely because of Carol and the complete faith we had in her. The venues – Agrilia and St Georges Chapel – were absolutely stunning and decorated beautifully. Guests said nobody would ever top the location and many said it was the best wedding they’d been to. We’ve now inspired friends to get married abroad and others to come back to Kefalonia for a holiday. So thank you Carol, not just for the perfect wedding day but also for introducing us to an island and people we will come back to year after year !

Jane & Mike