Best day of our lives

So the wedding day is over and I don’t think there are many brides out there that can say not a single thing went wrong. Finding words to describe our wedding day does not do the day justice as the feeling we all had is something indescribable. It was stunning, perfect, mind blowing and above all it exceeded all our expectations. Melissani lake and Tavern were absolutely breathtaking and the pictures I saw prior to the wedding day did not do it justice. You really have to experience it to believe it. The DJ was the best we’ve ever met, so was the celebrant, the musicians, waiters and waitresses, but above all Carol Kalligas. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is without doubt simply the best. Nobody will EVER find a wedding planner with such skill, professionalism, personality, enthusiasm, friendliness and contagious laughter then Carol. As we got to know her she was not just my wedding planner but she became our friend who we will recommend until our dying day. So on behalf of me, Phanos and the whole wedding party, thank you for making our wedding day the best day of our lives xxxx Never to be forgotten xxx

Maria & Phanos