Gloomy-chic in the Melissani lake

There is this lake cavern in Kefalonia, filled with myth, legend and extraordinary beauty. There are endless stories of love, starting from ancient times linked to this amazing place. That, along with its incredible light, makes it one of the most romantic places on earth.

Laura and Michael got in the little boat, with their friends and family watching and exchanged vows of everlasting love under a gloomy sky and in the cave’s moody waters.

Who needs decorations when in an ambiance like this? Who needs anything extravagant when your own style is flirting with the darker colors and moods? Just a few flowers in cold, pastel tones of blue and green are enough. Benetatos Flowers got the style straight away.

Laura and Michael have each other, the only thing they need, in this very rare ceremony in the waters on Melissani, where rumor has it that the nymph Melissanthe took her own life, crazy in love with the Greek God Pan.

After the ceremony, the three boats came together for a stroll in the cave with a little music and some celebratory champagne.

And then time for some photos. One would say that this gloomy-chic couple had its alliance with nature on the day, since our sunny island turned rainy for a day, just for them to have the most atmospheric photos we have ever seen.

Our amazing views and sights through the very different lens of Hannes Harnack.

All the best Laura & Michael!