A fairy tale photo shoot with Greek elements

You never know where inspiration could come from.

Sometimes it is a venue that gets your creative side ticking. A luxurious villa with a stunning, rustic vineyard, in this case. Rows and rows of vines, surrounded by century-old olive trees and with a view of the Ionian Sea to die for.

Maybe it is a flower. The hot pink of the Greek bougainvillea can make anything pop and stand out. Combined wisely and with a backdrop like that, it can perform miracles!

Or it can be a couple. Rosa & Sam in this case, whose love was almost tangible. Two beautiful people, inside out, so profoundly in love that we felt we had to depict it.

Once you have these three elements, things start getting a shape of their own and with a pinch of talent, picture-perfect images start to form, ready to be captured and immortalized by the incredibly talented Adrian Wood.

Rosa is the Greek-Goddess type. With her gorgeous features and long dark hair, she was the muse in the creation of this one-of-a-kind bouquet. The base of the bougainvillea was combined wisely with different colors and textures to create this cascading beauty. Roses, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and even grapes!  Simply magical.

The round arch by Benetatos Flowers was the perfect frame with the bougainvillea path leading up to it. It felt as if we were dropped in the pages of a fairy tale.

In such an amazing venue, the options are endless. There is an endless number of spots that are perfect for a shot and a thousand ways to go with your decoration. But for us, nothing would beat a touch of colorful, vintage and Greek style.

Turquoise, white, green. Old, heavy, traditional. The way the old furniture of Kefalonia matched this ambiance was unique.

The drama was palpable and the vibes strong.