Hilde & Espen


" When I decided to get married in Kefalonia I was a little worried about how we were going to get everything organized to get things how we wanted. We had never been to Kefalonia, only read about on the internet. I started to search for wedding planners, even though I had second thoughts - is it serious business, can I trust them and will they understand what WE want for our wedding day? But we were determined that our wedding was going to happen in Kefalonia, with our family and friends (38 people), and I chose to trust and put one of the most important days of my life in the hands of Mythos Weddings.

And I have never regretted it!

Before we arrived we did some emailing with Mythos to try to find out important things to decide; like wedding venue, where to have the dinner/party, what kind of ceremony etc.

From the day we arrived at our hotel (which also was beyond perfect to stay; Thalassa Hotel) Dimitra and her crew were there for us. We had a meeting and talked about our expectations and talked through every detail for our day (tabels, colors, flowers, hairdresser, music, food, weddingcake,drinks, transport – you name it!)

Then Dimitra took us where she had planned for us to have our ceremony, but unfortunately the beach was flooded by water. But in a second she thought about another beach and took us there at once, and that was just as nice. We also visited a florist to choose colors, Mythos` location to taste wine and she really made us feel safe and sure that the day was under control

Our weddingday was just perfect arranged. Everything went as planned. We had a beautiful ceremony at the beach, followed by a photosession with a very skilled photographer. Then we had our dinner at the hotel where we all stayed. Mythos made sure the tables were set, there was more than enough food (and great food) and drinks. We had e greek band playing live music for us, and that made it very nice. Our toastmaster had asked for some equipent for video and etc., and that was sorted too.

Thank you so much, Dimitra and the rest of your crew – you made our day perfect! We will never forget what you did for us and one day we will come back to visit you and your beautiful island".

Photos by Vasilis Loukatos

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