About Kefalonia


Kefalonia is a stunning island set in the Ionian sea with rugged mountains reaching 1,628m running down to gentler plains with vines and olive groves. There is plenty of rain in the winter which means the island remains surprisingly green all year round. 

Although Kefalonia is a large island in size, the population is relatively small and you will find plenty of undeveloped natural areas. The sea is crystal clear and there are fabulous beaches, ten of them awarded with the Blue Flag, including Myrtos beach, voted the best beach in Greece and amongst the top ten beaches in the world! Some beaches are busy with watersports, sunbeds, tavernas and snack bars. Others are quiet and isolated and you will need to take your own refreshments for the day. The Ionian sea is a favourite among boat lovers who find the area perfect for relaxed sailing. 

Food is an important part of life and tasty food made from fresh ingredients is the norm for Greeks. The Kefalonian kitchen combines Greek and Mediterranean influences, making for great diversity. Take a look at our sample menus to learn about some Kefalonian specialities as well as the more familiar Greek dishes you will already know. 

The Kefalonians have a reputation amongst other Greeks for being very sharp, witty and well educated but also a little bit crazy! They are certainly friendly and many visitors return every year because they feel they are coming home. Most of the islanders speak English so there will be no communication barrier but if you want to practise your Greek they will be delighted. 

There are direct charter flights from the UK to Kefalonia from May to October, lasting just 35 min. During the rest of the year, our island can be reached via Athens. Look below for more info on how to get here.

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