Our Story

Created in 2007, Mythos Weddings has over a decade of experience on creating amazing events on our breathtaking island. Kefalonia is such a stunning place, one would feel that an incredible wedding is inevitable. However, superb events don't just happen. They are planned. Our team of young professionals has the expertise, the passion, and the love for what they do. That is how we can guarantee that your Big Day will be like no other.

Our team

All the individuals who make up this team have known each other personally for many years. We are all Kefalonians and we have been working together for a long time. This makes our job more effective and enjoyable.

We all believe that the mutual commitment between two people, its official announcement and the symbolic act that seals it are the most important and beautiful moments in a person's life. This is why we handle the planning and the organization of every wedding with extreme care and sensitivity.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Carol Kalligas (wedding planner): I was born in New York in 1982 by Kefalonian parents but I lived on the island since the age of seven. At 18 I left from Kefalonia to study philosophy in Patras. Then I continued my studies in Athens taking a masters in Philosophy. I started with my Ph.D. on moral philosophy cultivating at the same time my favorite hobbies - painting and sketching- that helped me develop aesthetic criteria. Meanwhile, I was working as a teacher in a primary school. After a few years, I decided to return to the island where I grew up. There, I found Mythos Weddings. I was already aware of it, that is, via Vasilis who is my friend for many years. When he offered me the position of the wedding planner I accepted without hesitation. And so far, I have not regretted it. To the contrary, I love my job because it gives me the joy to see on a daily basis, eyes full of love, smiling faces, and people devoted to each other. The greatest pleasure that this job offers me is the chance to be part of a couple's happiest moments.

Vasilis Fragiskatos (executive manager): Hello. My name is Vasilis Fragiskatos and I was fortunate to be born on the beautiful island of Kefalonia in 1971. I studied business administration and I work in the service sector since the age of 23. I'm a member of Group Mythos since 2007 and I work as an executive manager in Mythos Weddings. Mythos is not just the place where I work but my home and my colleagues are like family.

Len Dye (celebrant): My name is Len Dye and I retired to Kefalonia with my wife 8 years ago. I have two children and seven grandchildren living in the UK. I served seventeen years in the Fire Service and ran my own business after leaving the Brigade. I have been a Celebrant for the last three years and find it a very rewarding and enjoyable vacation. I like to make the ceremony unique to every couple, accommodating any special requests, and to make their Wedding Day as special as possible.


Our services

On an isolated beach or at a chapel? Among tall pine trees,  or in a modern restaurant? Within a traditional vineyard or in a cave-lake? There are countless magical spots, suitable to your own style, ideal for your Dream Day! Share your dream and we will make it happen for you!

Realizing that every single couple is unique, with different needs, we are able to offer either a wedding package for a more low-key, relaxed event or a tailor-made approach for those who need every single detail tuned to perfection!

In both scenarios you can expect a team of professionals, who dream big, to be there for you from the moment the planning begins!

Why tailor-made?

Each couple has its own personal style and a unique vision of their Big Day.
That is why you should plan your own dream wedding, using our dedicated, tailor-made services.

Our passionate and experienced planners are ready to offer custom options and solutions to every single detail, in order to create a memorable celebration.

As you may understand, a tailor-made event requires more time and effort to be planned.
It surely needs much more hard work compared to the selection of a standardized wedding package.
At the same time, it is definitely worth it. Every service is designed separately and in a very detailed way, always based on your choices and dreams for a Bespoke Tailor-Made Event with epic moments for you and your guests!

For us, details are the difference between a great wedding and an incredible one!

Innovation, creativity, passion and tailor-made decoration are the main ingredients of our tailor-made events, aiming at a unique personalized wedding theme & concept.




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