Aimee & Scott




We met in University (Catriff) in October 2010, in fancy dress as mechanics. We were apart of the Netball and Ruglay teams and hold a few beers before we set eyes on each other



Aimee The bride: Scott is a kind gentleman always putting others first. He is always happy, smiley and lovely friendly. His skills in the kitchen are fantastic and his happiness is infectious!


Scott the groom: Aimee is so kind, caring, supportive, nature and understanding woman! I love her fun, bubbly and infection personality. I really enjoy our shared interests – the outdoors, sports, holidays etc. She is so beautiful looking! Love the similarities between our friends and family.




Aimee’s parents recommended we should holiday on the island.

Kefalonia is the most beautiful place we have ever been. We are huge fans of this big beautiful mountainous island with its spectacular sceneries, charming villages and long stretches of sand and sea.

Romantic, stunning, peaceful, a unique place to get married!




We spent a week in Kefalonia in 2014 and fell in love with Assos – we were sold! We wanted to get married there.

Asos has beautiful landscape and amazing architecture. It's quite a small village but beautiful spots to see and enjoy!

Asos had a lot to give up to after getting engaged on a ski slope in the French Alps.

Is the most breathtaking place in whole Kefalonia!

… and the planning began!



Our wedding day was PERFECT in every way! It was more amazing than we had ever imagined! Our guests have echoed ‘it was the best wedding’ most of them have ever been too!

We will never forget the happiness and laughter shared from start to finish! The fun and enjoyment had by all, which is captured hundreds of photos taken. The beautiful scenery view will never escape our memories!

We had also funny but lovely insidents whilst Aimee walking down the aisle with her beautiful flower girls, leaving me trailling behind her (loll)! Our entertaining granddads were dancing and clapping during the greek band performance!

The most romantic moment was while I stood at the front of the ceremony outside the chapel in front of all friends and family saying our vows!




Our photographer was David Elgee! He was so friendly and relaxing. He made us feel so comfortable! The time spent with David was amazing allowing us to be natural and enjoy the first moments as husband and wife. I can’t thank him enough for all his hard and wonderful job!



Mythos Weddings have a lot of experience of planning and delivering beautiful weddings! We saw this on their informative website.

Our wedding planner Carol was amazing, she was able to cater for our every needs and knew what we wanted and pictured.

Weekly emails and skype calls kept our nerves at bay and gave us all the support we need planning for 60+guests.

No ideal job was too much for card to deliver, she really was a star from start to finish.




We can’t THANK enough

Carol (our wedding planner) for making our dreams come true and more.

Vasilis and Demi (Mythos’s wedding planners) for all their hard work.

All 61 guests for being there

Both sets of parents for their financial and emotional support

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