The wedding ceremony is an experience that should be imprinted in the memory and hearts of people. The island itself provides an incredible setting for a wedding ceremony. But all the additional decorative touches and the plethora of available ornaments can give a special touch to your wedding.

The variety of places you could choose to have the ceremony (sea , chapel , etc.) and your unique and exceptional personality does not allow for ready decorative formulas. Therefore, the decoration of each ceremony is a special event. Indulge at the advice of our experienced wedding planner who will make sure you 'll have the results you wish for.

The place you will choose to have your ceremony is the main factor for its decoration. A different design is appropriate and possible in a beach reception and another in a ceremony in the restaurant or in your villa. For each of these scenarios, the wedding planner in cooperation with our experienced decorators will ensure that your ceremony will have the appropriate tone, color and atmosphere. © 2013-2018 All rights reserved - Created and hosted by freedom digital