The ceremony

While awaiting the bride's arrival, the relatives and the groom can enjoy the touching melodies of a mandolin, a violin, a guitar or a combination of instruments. The lovely serenades (traditional songs that celebrate love and loyalty between two people) and worldwide known songs like "You are my sunshine", "Captain Corelli's song" will create a romantic atmosphere. Alternatively, we can play one or more of your favorite songs or you can make your own list of your favorites, creating your own wedding cd. Mythos Weddings will ensure that your favorite music will accompany every moment of the wedding ceremony, making it special and personal.

The reception
Your wedding reception can be a quiet dinner that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the presence of your relatives and friends, a romantic evening full of beautiful music and emotions or even a wild party. It is up to you! Whatever you choose, we have the right people to make it happen. Mythos Weddings works with many musicians and professional DJs. Bands playing Greek folk music, serenades, jazz, and international music or experienced DJs whom you can ask to play the songs that will make the evening memorable for you and your loved ones. © 2013-2018 All rights reserved - Created and hosted by freedom digital