Mythos Catering


Wherever you decide to celebrate, the Mythos Catering in Kefalonia has over 25 years of experience and knows exactly what it takes to arrange an amazing party. It has all the international certificates for processing and transporting food.

Beautiful settings and decorations in the style and colour scheme of your choice, superb food, complete with bar and catering services by our experienced staff. Andreas Pantelios, the chief of catering can also arrange a variety of entertaining events for you.

Master chef George Koyrkoymelis and his team will excite you with their exquisite dishes and flavors. George can prepare traditional dishes or more sophisticated meals to satisfy your most refined tastes.

And since such an exquisite meal must be served accordingly, Mythos Catering has its own highly qualified team for the job.

The ceremony can be performed at the luxurious and hospitable facilities of Mythos + estiasis. Group Mythos offers options for all budgets while maintaining the same high quality and aesthetics. © 2013-2018 All rights reserved - Created and hosted by freedom digital