Nicola & Dom


I found Carol by searching through websites and reading reviews, we exchanged a few emails then spoke on Skype, she is so experienced in her job nothing fazed her with all our requests, the biggest being asking Carol to arrange the wedding of our dreams with a couple of months notice, bit mean of us really when I think back but it was the wedding of our dreams so I think that shows her and her teams capability. Vasta was a perfect venue for us, so beautiful and private with Spiros (Spiaggia) tavern to party the night away, it's really remote but can be accessed by car / bus etc, we stayed in some lovely (basic) apartments at the end of the beach for a coupe of nights to get a feel of vasta which could also be used for your guests. Our whole experience in Kefalonia was brilliant everyone was so kind to us and feel we have made friends out all that we met.

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